Friday, 18 March 2011

A Brief Introduction

Welcome fellow gamers (and those of you heathens who are not gamers but have rather accidentally stumbled upon my blog) to my little corner of the internet.

For those of you who don't know me (likely every last one of you), I am indeed a gamer.  Once you get over this shocking revelation, I'll just say I am generally known by the alias of either Kraeven or Pepitobenito, with the former taking dominance for gaming, and the later taking its rightful place as righteous and vigilant forum troll.  I enjoy a variety of games, however I tend towards RPGs and action/adventures, though I also quite enjoy many games in the genres of racing, RTS and FPS.  If you are now lost to the myriad of acronyms and gamer talk, I suggest you take your leave, as it gets no simpler from here.  This is a blog by a gamer for gamers; this is not Gaming For Dummies, so I'll be assuming readers know what the hell I'm talking about (that is, until I go off on some wild, bloodlust-induced tirade).

I'll be completely honest for a moment...I do not expect this blog to take off.  I do not expect to be the next Yogscast, Totalbiscuit or Huskeystarcraft.  No, I am not expecting even a slice of E-fame.  So why go to the effort of creating a blog and rambling on to a potentially bare-bones or even non-existent audience then?  Well, this blog is as much for me as it is for any potential readers.  I've enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember, and have been a gamer for as long, but unlike gaming my writing often takes a backseat position...or more accurately, is completely forgotten in the cobweb-encrusted depths of my mind.  I figured that the best way to strengthen one aspect of what I enjoy doing is to include another.

I don't pretend to be the best writer of all time, nor even a remotely professional reviewer.  What you will find here is my opinions on gaming (emphasis on *opinions* as my views can easily and quickly devolve into angry ranting), specifically reviews on whatever games I happen to feel like playing (these may be older games as well as new), but I will likely also touch on news in gaming.  This might include upcoming release dates, or some incredibly dumb and/or evil decision made by a well-hated Activisio- I mean game publisher.

So...I leave it to you.  Maybe this is the kind of blog you would enjoy reading.  Perhaps not.  Or maybe 'you' don't exist at all and I'm just going to be talking to myself about gaming.  However, to any readers out there who do enjoy the content I put out, know that your attention is appreciated.

To any who don't like what I put out...well...I can suggest a plethora of places to go, orifices in which you can shove it, and appendages that you may suck on.

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